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Bosch Shop Foreman Pro 5.9.4 :

The Mastertech VCI provides the award-winning Shop Foreman Pro user interface connecting wirelessly via a desktop, laptop, or tablet PC. Please refer to the VCI Quick Start Guide for current supported operating systems.

Программа может устанавливаться как Shop Foreman Pro и как Shop Foreman Pro and VCI Manager Software.

Доступные коды для программы -
Global OBD II, Module Status, ShopForemanPro
Global OBD II, Module Status, Domestic, Asian
Global OBD II, Module Status, Domestic
Global OBD II, Module Status, Asian

What Does Shop Foreman Pro Do?
Shop Foreman Pro is a PC application containing a fully integrated interface that allows you to view and analyze data from one or more diagnostic testers in a variety of highly useful formats not available on the testers themselves. Data can be captured, annotated, and saved to provide clear, graphical representations of problems and their solutions.

When integrated with the Mitchell1's On-Demand and ManagerPlus products, Shop Foreman Pro provides a complete shop management, diagnostic, and vehicle repair information system for the aftermarket automotive service dealer. After collecting diagnostic data from a vehicle, a service technician has immediate access to service information, including labor and repair information, Technical Service Bulletins, and service maintenance information through direct computer links within the electronic repair order.

Engine Analyzer
With the MTS 5200 Engine Analyzer, Shop Foreman Pro displays the screen image of the tester on the PC and allows you to operate the Engine Analyzer directly from the PC. All the Analyzer's touch screen and button controls appear in the PC interface and can be operated by using simple mouse clicks.

The buttons to the left of the viewing panel control the connection with the tester. Engine Analyzer data is always displayed as a bitmap image of the tester's screen.

Gas Analyzer and Scan Tool and J2534 Device
Shop Foreman Pro with the MTS 1100 Gas Analyzer or the MTS 3100 Scan Tool or J2534 device is used to provide a variety of views of live data.

There are several buttons on the toolbar to the left of the viewing panel for either the data view selections or (in the case of bitmaps) controls for annotating the images.

You can use Shop Foreman Pro to record a complete diagnostic analysis from any of the testers and store it along with notes and important vehicle information in a single file or document. This document can contain multiple vehicle data snapshots, DTC records, screen captures, and OBD Readiness tests, allowing you to tell the whole story and save the information for use at a later time.

Expanded data storage
Data storage is limited only by the size of the PC’s hard drive.

‘Portable’ data
Data can be e-mailed to others or posted on a web site. With the use of the export and copy-to-clipboard functions, the recipient does not have to have Shop Foreman Pro to view the files.

Image Upload
Saved snapshot images can be uploaded to the PC as bitmap files. Screen images from the Scan Tool and Gas Analyzer can also be uploaded using the screen capture function. These images can then be edited and printed so that you can review the diagnostics you have performed and verify failed parts. All images are date and time stamped.

PC Display
Shop Foreman Pro displays the tester's screen image on the PC, exactly as it appears on the tester. This offers users with virtually any common size PC monitors an expanded view of tester data.

Image Printing and Saving
Shop Foreman Pro allows you to print Scan Tool and Analyzer and J2534 device screen images, or capture and save them to a PC’s hard drive for later use.

Teaching Tool
Shop Foreman Pro can be an ideal teaching tool. Diagnostic results can be viewed on the PC, which in turn can be projected onto large wall screens, providing an excellent means for instructing several individuals at a time how to collect and analyze data from the testers.

Because the Engine Analyzer can be operated directly from the PC by the instructor, it makes Shop Foreman Pro even more useful as a tool for teaching how to use the Engine Analyzer, as well as analyzing the data.


50 USD


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Замеченные конфликты в электронном каталоге Bosch Shop Foreman Pro 5.9.4:

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 Для какого рынка каталог:   Все регионы
 Доступные в программе языки:  Английский
 Поддерживаемые операционные системы:  Vista, Win7 x32, Win98, Windows 8/10 x32/x64, WinJapan, WinNT, WinXP
 Количество CD/DVD:  1 CD
 Дата обновления данных:  10/2011
 ЦЕНА:  50 USD

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