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Tridon :

hose clamps, gas springs, shock absorbers, battery chargers and more...

The main part of the clamps Tridon Scandinavia sells on the domestic market and on a dozen of European export markets are produced by Tridon USA being the world's largest manufacturer of clamps.
Tridon USA supplies to the car industry, aviation industry, offshore-sector, space industry, and other industrial customers with heavy demands.

Tridon Scandinavia A/S runs a wide range of clamps of all widths and lengths and with widely differing closing mechanisms.
E.g. the LAS clamp with "quick-release" closing mechanism and with band widths up to 500 mm is used for mounting large filter bags on dust exhausts and other places where the clamp needs to be removed and installed in a hurry.

Tridon's range also comprises everything within stainless and acid-resisting clamps being sold to producers of machines for the food industry and the chemical industry.
Tridon's products have also obtained NATO's approval wherefore the armed forces in several countries are among the customers. Industrial customers typically take clamps in large volumes supplied in bulk of 500 or 1000 pcs.

Gas springs
Tridon can supply a wide range of gas springs with variable lengths, diameters and gas pressure. Furthermore, the gas springs can be custom made according to the customer's own specifications and measurements..

Gas springs are applicable for numerous purposes e.g. in hospital beds, ski boxes, cargo compartments in busses, copying machines, tractors, truck seats, swivel chairs, computer tables, agricultural machines etc.

Shock absorbers
Monroe develops and produces shock absorbers for all car models.

In addition to this Monroe can develop shock absorbers for industrial purposes in connection with quantities over 5000 units.

Tridon's universal range of battery chargers range from the small standard chargers to powerful electronic chargers which can give starting help.
The chargers can charge from 4 to 400 amp and are designed to meet the future demands set up by private as well as professional users.

Tridon's range also includes two types of battery testers of 100 amp and 750 amp.

Furthermore, a series of heaters are available comprising 3 models with 2 kW, 5kW and 9 kW heating effects.


15 USD


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 Для какого рынка каталог:   Европа
 Доступные в программе языки:  Английский, Немецкий
 Поддерживаемые операционные системы:  Win98, WinXP
 Количество CD/DVD:  2 CD
 Дата обновления данных:  1/2003
 ЦЕНА:  15 USD

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