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Skype консультант
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SKF has launched its electronic catalogue on CD including all its Automotive vehicle product lines.

Wheel bearing kits
Timing belt kits
Auxiliary belts
Suspension kits
Water pumps
Constant velocity joints
All the latest data will be included in that CD with particular focus on information related to Constant Velocity Joints , boots, driveshafts and the auxiliary belts (VKMV) with the exact OE length.
Most unique addition to the market: the CD will also include mounting/dismounting videos for wheel bearings kits, suspension kits, water pumps, constant velocity joints, auxiliary drives, timing drive systems.
This catalog is based on a well-known format in the industry: TecDoc.
You will be able to search via manufacturer or article part number.
The part number search is very powerful, allowing you to enter the OE number, the competitor number or the SKF reference .
The search function is flexible: you can search for all the refs starting with VKxx
Looking at the “Parts List”, you will get a detailed composition description of each SKF kit, in line with the SKF mission: give the repairer a kit with all the components needed for a safe and complete repair.
The CD will display more than 2500 product pictures.
Why make an electronic catalogue ? To have access to updated data, to reach a wider target, to support our current distribution network and its customers, to be in-line with new electronic formats that are currently being used in our daily business.
Why on CD? Because sustainability is one of our core values ( SKF always strives to protect the environment), because it is faster than most online applications, because it can be used everywhere – without the need for an internet connection.


10 USD


Замеченные конфликты в электронном каталоге SKF:

Конфликтов не замечено

 Для какого рынка каталог:   Все регионы
 Доступные в программе языки:  Английский, Русский
 Поддерживаемые операционные системы:  Vista, Win7 x32, Win98, Windows 8/10 x32/x64, WinJapan, WinNT, WinXP
 Количество CD/DVD:  1 DVD
 Дата обновления данных:  6/2009
 ЦЕНА:  10 USD

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